Monday, July 30, 2007

Pen-Chewing Philosophy

I had an interesting thought this morning whilst I was faux-listening to a presentation entitled 'Is White Right? The Racial and Ethical Problems Facing Our Multi-Cultural Schools Today'.

You should never get into a car with someone more famous than you...let that sink in a second...because if you crash and die you'll be listed in all related news reports as 'and passenger'. And that's no way to be remembered.

Oh, and it turns out white is not always right.


Born Worrier said...

I used to go skating with someone whos company organised the event. On the tickets I was always 'and friend'

Prophecy Girl said...

Damn, that was a deep thought for early in the morning. I must remember this since I ride with famous people so frequently (or at least I imagine I will someday in the future).

Muffy St Jacques said...

'and friend' is only a smidge better.

I'm just saying, never get in a vehicle with George Clooney.