Monday, August 6, 2007

Great Aunt Gert & The Fab Four

One of my more traumatic childhood memories is visiting my Great Aunt Gert on a Sunday afternoon and spending the entire time ducking to avoid budgies. She had four in total; John, Paul, George and Ringo. As you can guess, we had a whole list of nicknames for this band of dive-bombing, ear-pecking bandits including - The Birdtles, Strawbudgie Fields Forever (mine!) and The Dambudgies. My Dad also often referred to them as The Four Birdmen of The Apocalypse due to their "ungainly appearance."

Well, believe it or believe it not, Budgie John was the first to flap off to little housebird heaven. He died (apparently) on the 8th November 1999, which as Great Aunt Gert likes to point out is exactly 19 years and 11 months to the day that Mr Lennon himself was murdered. Budgie John was not murdered however, he miscalculated the shutting of a window.

Next to die was Ringo, whom (according to Aunt Gert) managed to time his departure to coincide neatly with George Harrison's; 29th November 2001. Aunt Gert said Budgie Ringo had passed away quietly in his sleep but a rumour spread that he had been found crushed beneath his own cuttlefish.

Then Budgie George died some weeks later. Aunt Gert said it was depression from losing Ringo. Dad said it was mange and then added, "Who cared about Ringo anyway? He was the least talented of The Birdtles."

Well, we visited Aunt Gert yesterday and were greeted with the terrible news that Budgie Paul had suffered a fatal incident. It later transpired that this fatal incident was Aunt Gert sitting on him and suffocating his wee birdy form. Dad said the mange probably didn't help. He will be missed... but not by us.

Now, I'm not saying The Fabudgie Four are in some way cosmically linked with the real Beatles and that their fates are in someway entwined BUT, if Paul McCartney drops dead some time between now and the next fourty years just don't be surprised.


~DKBB~ said...

LOL! Your family members are nearly as twisted as you, m'dear. ;)

I just hope the real Paul isn't squished to death by Aunt Gert....

OHara said...

I guess this photo was taken while they were all alive? Or did your Aunt Gert get them stuffed?
Because I know you wouldn't have done them the dishonour of pinching a random budgie picture from Google images.
Would you?

Muffy St Jacques said...

Um, they are represented here in spirit through this picture that may or may not have been snagged from Google. Paul and John looked like the big one, second left whilst George and Ringo were blue like the one on the end.

And yeah, here's hoping the real Paul has a more graceful end.

Anneka's Alias said...

Did she not have a fifth called after the bloke they kicked out?

OHara said...

Well I like the light grey one best. He's giving you The Look - all sly eyed. I think that one is probably Yoko.
Which makes me think I don't like the grey one at all.

Prophecy Girl said...

OK, this is probably the best blog entry I've ever read, but I'm possibly a little biased on the subject matter. Also, not to knock your Auntie, but Budgie John actually died exactly 19 years and 0 months after Real John, which totally makes the story that much better. I had to skim the last paragraph, though, as talking about Macca dying makes me hyperventilate.

Muffy St Jacques said...

^That's my fault! Budgie John died in November. I remember because it was before my birthday.

Prophecy Girl said...

OH! That makes more sense. :)