Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Text: A History

Some text messages sent from my phone on 12th July 2006:

1. Your text woke me up. Inconsiderate. Out tonight?
sent at 2.30 pm

2. We should meet up at Varsity Bar, neck Corky's and then hit The Pier Club.
sent at 9.30 pm

3. Where the fuck are you? Drinks for £1. Slaughtered!
sent at 11.30 pm

4. GOONER. Now on beach. Lost shoe. Lost money. Lost Anneka. Will prob lose phone..
sent at 3.04 am

Some text messages sent from my phone today:

1. Office is dead. Might have nap on desk.
sent at 11.30 am

2. Too tired for cinema. Need to be in bed at ten.
sent at 1.30 pm

3. Transformers? As long as it starts before 8.
sent at 3.30 pm

4. I think I'm dead, so if I don't show up tonight, it's because I'm dead.
sent at 4.15 pm


Born Worrier said...

A text I had read,

How do you occupy an idiot?
Press down to find out.

So I pressed down to find

How do you occupy an idiot?
Press up to find out.

I still don't know how to occupy an idiot and I've been trying all day.

Anneka's Alias said...

Awwww mush. I can't believe I was cooler when I was 20, than now I am 21. Wanna come down and celebrate my 22? I'm gonna be drinking cocoa and watching the ten o'clock news before bed.

OHara said...

Hey. I saw The Transformers the other week. It was that or The Simpsons or Harry Potter. Octopus Prime won. (Yeah, Yeah, I know what his name is). It's not as good as I wanted it to be but that scene when they hide from the parents is great.

P.S You shouldn't feed your cat Weetos.

Prophecy Girl said...

My phone automatically deletes messages older than a week and there's no way to change it!!! You have just proven to me why American cell phone companies are the embodiment of Satan. Also, I've never stayed up that.

Muffy St Jacques said...

ohara - it's a good job I watched Transformers before I read your comment because it was such a suprise to me that the good guys won!

Anneka - I have to be in bed before ten.

PG - the first messages were actually off an old phone. The phone I currently have is utter poo.

born worrier - got that one yet? I'd quit if I were you.