Saturday, September 1, 2007

You Brought This On Yourself

As previously mentioned I'm exposed to stupid children's names on a daily basis. It brings me great joy but then great sadness instantaneously. But something happened yesterday that I'd be hoping, nay PRAYING, for. I've waited a whole year and it finally came...brace yourselves...yes, yesterday I entered a child into our system called HARRY POTTER. I had tears in my eyes. God bless you, Mr and Mrs Potter, although I will be reporting you to social services.


Born Worrier said...

Oh dear poor Harry. Do his parents know what they have done to him. I can hear the playground taunts now.

having my cake said...

I think as parents we have a huge responsibility to think very carefully about all possible permutations of the chosen name. I mean that poor rugby player, Austin Healey, ok ok, you're probably too young to remember the car but I think it's just unkind to give a child a name that can provide other children with any form of ammunition.